About this Fangirl


It started with a dice bag. I love to boardgame with friends and family. I wanted to sew more than costumes and started sewing dice bags as a creative outlet. A local place, Doc's Comics and Game was cool enough to sell them!

I learned to sew from my grandmother who made my Sunday clothes and dance costumes from scratch. My love for creating something from nothing and on a budget fueled me in Theatre, to my TV work, and my favorite thing- making costumes for Halloween, Renaissance Faires and Comic Cons!

Want to know what's coming soon? Check out my Instagram (@socialclevergirl) - I am always posting new fabric, new items, and asking what the next fandom should be!

If you're interested in d.i.y/clever costume hacks you can check out my budget cosplay blog here: http://littlegreygirl.wixsite.com/budgetcosplay

Gifts for Geeks- Neat Stuff for Nerds- Flair for Fans

I wanted to create items nerds and geeks could use in everyday life that reflected their passion for their favorite fandoms and games.