Custom Work!

$15.00 USD




Product Description

Want something special? Custom items are possible! This listing is for a $15 deposit. Additional fee may be included depending on what you want, please see drop down menu for additional info.

I have pictured a custom Ziggy Stardust dice bag, I also have two different custom travel bags example photos. One customer wanted something baseball themed to wrangle his electronic wires while on trips. One customer wanted something black and white for her knitting needles with specific width compartments in the elastic.

I have listed fabric available for custom work in the drop down menu as well as pictured some.

All is possible! Let's open a dialogue up about it!

Custom Work! Custom Work! Custom Work! Custom Work! Custom Work! Custom Work!

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I wanted to create items nerds and geeks could use in everyday life that reflected their passion for their favorite fandoms and games.